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Various Forms in CST

Today we discuss on the various forms used in CST, what are the forms used in CST like C,F, E etc. how it will help in transaction of the goods.

Meaning of C-Forms

C-form is helpful in purchasing of interstate goods, A buyer can purchase the goods from out of the state using C-form @ 2 percent. The rate of the goods may be 12.5 or 5 or whatever may be but in C form it will be 2%.

Who can apply for the C-Forms

An Purchaser will apply for the C-form and give to the saler.

Procedure to obtain C-form in Mumbai

After filing the CST return person can apply for the C-Form. frequency of obtaining the C-form will be depend on return frequency it may be Monthly,Quarterly, or Yearly.

Visit and download the CST application

After getting the application fill the respective details in the application like Name ,Tin number, Email id and phone number

Need the following information of the person whom we are giving the C-Form

Name of the saler

State of the saler

CST Tin of the saler

Email id of the saler

Mobile number of the saler

Invoice of the saler

How to upload the C-Form application


Login to the dealer

Select on E-CST declaration

Click on request for E-CST forms

Upload the C-Form there. After 2-3 days visit on View/Dow load CST Forms and take a print of the C-forms.

Things to be taken care for taking C-form

While filing the CST and VAT Return in interstate sale @ 2 percent should be matched with the CST application.

In purchasing the goods keep the following documents like Goods receipt note/Lorry receipt.

In registration certificate commodity should be same for which you have apply for C-form

Meaning of E -Forms

E-form will be applicable for sale of goods in transits, without taking physical delivery of the goods transfer the goods to the other state directly. it is helpful in second interstate sale.

To know on details about E-form visit our blog –Sale of goods in transits

Procedure to obtain E-form – It will be same as described above.


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