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VAT and CST registration in mumbai – Latest Procedure

Today we will discuss on VAT and CST registration in Mumbai, what is the procedure for mvat registration and documents required for vat registration. Many people are saying Tin registration in Mumbai  After successfully completed the vat registration you will get the TIN number for the same.

SAP based New  MVAT registration in Mumbai –

New Procedure for online Vat registration in Mumbai

1 Go to Website and click on the E-registration tab

2 Enter the necessary details Name of the business, applicant ,Pan card details , location etc.

Note in business write the name of business and in applicant write the name of person.

3 After creating the accounts, create temporary profile by giving email id and mobile number

4 link will be send on the Email and one time password (OTP) on the mobile.

5 login with the link and enter the OTP there and create password.

6 After that email will come of user id and password, login again and change the password.

7 After that fill all the details and upload the documents


Please check below the documents required for MVAT as per the new rule –


1 Annexure B on letter head (Format Given below )

Annexure C from introducer (Format Given below)

2. Proof of constitution of business-

Proprietorship – No proof required

Partnership – Partnership deed

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – Copy of the Certification of Incorporation and LLP Agreement

Company – Copy of the Certification of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company

3. Proof of permanent residential address of all directors/Partners/Proprietor

As per circular number 15T of 2016  light bill is not compulsory. Copy of Electricity bill is mandatory- if living with somebody else consent letter is required )

Copy of Electricity bill is mandatory if not in your name additionally maintenance receipt is also required
Need Any 2 documents from the following –


Driving license

Election photo identity card

Aadhar Card

Ration card

Electricity bill

Maintenance bill

Property tax bill

Newly added as per trade circular 4T of 2016

MTNL BSNL Landline Bill

Gas Bill

Saving Account Passbook

Home Share certificate

4. Proof of place of business

Base Document

If let out – a) Registered Rent Agreement b) NOC from owner c) ID proof containing signature of owner

Owned – Purchase agreement

Rent Free – consent letter

Electricity Bill – Compulsory in all case

Maintenance Bill if electricity bill (Latest) is not in name of concerned person

5. latest passport size photograph of the applicant

6. Copy of PAN card of Company/Firm/ all Directors/ Partners/ Proprietors

7. Copy of cancelled cheque

8.  Form 18/INC 22 and 32/DIR 12 in case of Companies

9. Board Resolution for authorized signatory

10. VAT number of Head Office

11. Information required to fill application

12. Online Payment from Nationalize Bank

Registration Fee Voluntary – Rs. 5025

Compulsory – RS 525

Security Deposit (Not refundable before 3 years) Voluntary – Rs. 25000

Profession Tax number of Directors and Company.-If the profession tax number is not yet taken then apply for the PT number and attach the photocopy of the PT application counter with the Form 101.


Information required for MVAT registration

S.N Details Required Clients’ Response
1.         Name of the signatory to the application  
2.         Nature of business

–          Re seller

–          Manufacturer

–          Retailer

–          Importer

–          Exporter

–          Works Contractor

–          Leasing

–          Restaurant

–          Commission Agent

3.         Date of commencement of business  
4.         Main commodities to be sold  
5.         Main commodities to be purchased  
6.         Email Id, Mobile number and landline number  
7.         Commodities  



Each page should be scanned separatelyOriginal document with clarity in PDF format should be scanned

Time Limit to get VAT registration in Mumbai

It will take one Week to get the vat registration in Mumbai

New Notification on Vat registration – 

Under new circular need to give Electricity consumer number  done for vat registration.

If your application is rejected officer will be the same.

Date of registration will the date when it has been applied first time, So if your application is rejected the effective date will be the same.

If assessee has  pan cards number but pan card copy  is not available of the applicant, than details taken from income tax website will be accepted.

No need to submit MOA , only DIR-12 or list of directors taken from MCA and certificate of incorporation COI  will be sufficient.

For Permanent residence address following will be accepted – (Gas bill,mobile bill, bank statements or passbook)

Person doing online business (like various seller doing with the flip-kart,snap deal etc) need to submit agreement with main company for proof of business. this is good move by vat departments as day to day online business is increasing and In Practical  person not needed place of business while conducting online business.

Reference of trade circular – TO view trade circular Click here 4T of 2016

Procedure to get the TIN Number in Mumbai-

Tin number is the Number allotted by the mvat department on successfully submitting the application. Tin number ending with V is known as Vat number and Tin number ending with C will be known as CST number. Full form of TIN is Tax Identification number.

Problem is Generating VAT number due to website –

If you are facing problem in getting VAT and CST Number due to new website error,  you can call on the helpline number and email to the vat departments. Helpline number for the mazgaon will be – 1800225900 and email id will be
In helpline you will get the officer name and desk number at which your file is allocated. now you can call on helpline number to get the officer number. For mazgaon helpline number – 23760000.

In MVAT registration officer is allocated as per Area Pin code  – You can also identify your officer as per the pin code of your company.


NOC  For Place of Business


The Maharashtra VAT,

Registration Department



Dear Sir,

Sub: – Consent / No objection certificate for granting VAT/CST Registration

I / We am legal owner of______________________________ (Name of Property), and   M/s —————- is having this place as his place of business

I / We do not have any objection for the grant or amendment of VAT/CST Registration to M/s ——————- by the VAT/CST Registration authority at the above address.

Thanking You,



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  1. Nice written..Any procedure to the save the deposit in Mvat registration online..

  2. Laisha Rajendran


    Had a query. Who is an introducer?


  3. I would like to know, what will be the rate of TAX on bags and Carry bags made from NON WOVEN fabric and by which entry the PRODUCT WOULD BE COVERED. whether it is covered by any entry under Schedule C? NON WOVEN CLOTH which is purchased by the dealer is under EXCISE TARIFF 56039200
    I would also be interested in reading articles and other material on FABRICS both textile and non woven and its development from MVAT point of view from 1-4-2005 onwards.
    Your cooperation in this regard would be highly appreciated

  4. Thank you for the information on your website.
    Could you please let me know how do I apply for refund of Rs. 25000/- deposit paid for voluntary registration of VAT. ?

  5. one of my client (Pvt Ltd. would like to open there branch office in mumbai and want to register VAT. company is already registered under VAT and CST in other state. my query is for calculation of turnover

    1) in turnover only sale made in maharashtra is included or included other state sale .
    2) if turnover is not crossed rs. 10,00,000/- in maharashtra, then we need to go for voluntary registration.
    3) CST registration in mumbai is also required or not ( if they trf goods to mumbai from other state for sale in mumbai, so can take benefit of form “F”.

    pls guide on the same.

    • 1) in turnover only sale made in maharashtra is included or included other state sale .

      Only Maharashtra

      > 2) if turnover is not crossed rs. 10,00,000/- in maharashtra, then we need to go for voluntary registration.


      > 3) CST registration in mumbai is also required or not ( if they trf goods to mumbai from other state for sale in mumbai, so can take benefit of form “F”.

      Cst required for f form

  6. I am applying for vat fresh registration in mumbai, in case of place of permanent residence address, all directors proof require, or, only authorised director prooof require

  7. I would like to know what documents would I need to Obtain VAT & TIN Number for online electronic & leather Products sale. I Have My residential & Business place on rent in Thane. Please also let me know the required fees and Security deposit to be paid to obtain Vat & Tin number.

  8. We have plan to make Formulations of Household Cleaning Products in TTC Industrial Area, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. We will register our firm with Small Scale Industry.

    In this case, do you want us to submit Shop & Establishment Registration Certificate for MVAT/CST No ?

    Please advise.

  9. Dear Sir,
    I want to start a goods trading business like screws,nuts,bolts,oil seals.
    I want to start this business from my home address(Andheri,Mumbai) hence I am not planning to buy/rent a office.
    Also I do not know that this business will work fine or not in future,so still I have to get VAT & CST no. to start with business & what are the charges for the same.
    Please help.

    • I want to register only for CST as I have no intrastate purchase or sale. Is it necessary for me to upload annexure c (which is required in case of voluntary registration)

  10. I have started a new business and need vat registration certificate for firs import order custom clearance.How should I obtain it if I haven’t done any previous sale.

    will the payment of security deposit be Compulsory?How is it supposed to be paid?with a dd or online

  11. What is challan identification number, while applying for MVAT it is asking me for Challan Identification number..WHere do I get it from..Is it the number that we get after paying the security deposit and regstration fee..A prompt response will be highly appreciated.

  12. I am starting a new business so i am let out office which is on rent …so is this compulsory to get agreement get registered or just notary registered is okay ..n what all other documents required as its a partnership deed…

  13. I want to start a business of Reseller & Retailer of Electronic Products. When I visited Maharashtra VAT site, While registering under Voluntary Registration, it is asking for Introducer’s details with his VAT No. etc. This is mandatory. But unfortunately I dont have introducer as I am going to start a new business. So Is there any alternate solution available? It’s very difficult to get VAT No. for freshers like us. I shall be very much thankful for your response.



  15. I’m starting a modular kitchen business where in I will design and install modular kitchens.
    Which category will I fall under?
    In case of voluntary registration do I need someone else as a introductory dealers of some sort? What are the rules for this?

  16. Just visit Maha Govt site –
    Got to download tab > Trade circular > datewise> 1. The Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002

    Please read through circular 5T (2015-05-06 ) and 7T (2015-05-19)

    You will find the annexures B & C with compleate procedure of online application.

  17. In opening of Current Account in Bank, TIN/VAT no. are not needed…

    Types of documents required for Opening Current Account in Bank you can find by click on link or copy paste the link

  18. I am starting a new company Omni Ferrocast Corp. We will be undertaking contracts of casting products, forging products, engineering products, automobile and machinary spareparts.

    We are going to undertake business from all over India and also we are going to export the products.

    We are not aware which exact type of regd we will require in sales tax. Pls suggest us the type of registration, charges of regd, documents required for proprietorship company, addl important info if any.

  19. how to fill information of directors who reside out of maharashtra

  20. whether it is mandatory for builder to opt for composite scheme ?

  21. 1.Can mvat registration be obtained on the basis of saving accounts in case,if i go for voluntary registration.??​ –
    2.Can i have single registration (new) for multiple businesses having different vat rate?​-​
    3.Apart from clients related documents,what documents are required for power of attorney?

    • 1 No you can not open with a savings accounts you need current accounts compulsory.

      2 yes..for multiple business you can single vat number. Ensure all commodity added in the RC

      3 form no 105

  22. Dear Sir

    I want to know in Vat Registration uploading Signature in which form or declaration from

  23. Hi,
    I want to apply for MVAT Registration for partnership firm engaged in Construction of Residential Flats. I want TO known What should I mention in “Major Commodities to be Sold” in the registration form and under what Schedule Entry.

  24. i want to start my own trading business what is the procedure for .does i will require cst & vat both for trading and i’m staying in rented flat so my office address will be my house add is it possible

  25. Want to know what procedure if I am a new shop keeper & want to apply for VAT no. Without security deposit of Rs.25000/- instead of some nominal amount to start business & after one year or next financial year on the basis of turnover he should concluded his decision.

  26. I want to start new business at home but it is on brothers name.
    So required any permission letter or other document for apply to tax.
    requirement to register for tax or vat both or any one??

  27. 2-3 clients of mine have taken VAT number 3-4 months back and now they have come to me for vat filing. I checked about their status & found that they have not done Dealers Enrolment and now when I am trying to do dealers enrolment it is showing error that it is not a valid tin number.

    please help.

  28. I am new to business and hence want a new vat number how much will be the cost ?
    And nature of business is online selling
    Can you please advise a start up guide or compulsory procedure list.
    It will be helpful if any number or email id who can assist.
    Thank you

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