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Best way to Clear income tax demands

Income tax department is sending notice to the Assessee for tax demands, adjustment of your refund against tax demand etc.Today we are discuss Best way to Clear income tax demands and procedure of Best way to Clear income tax demands.

(I) Procedure to Clear income tax demands?

CBEC has just started an online procedure to clear the income tax demand online,Now assessee not needed to visit the income tax department  assessee can remove the demand from home.

Go to

Enter login id and password of your accounts.

Click on My Pending actions option

Click on outstanding demand

Click on submit buttons

 Select any one option from the three –  Carefully select any one option from the three

(I) Demand is correct – If you click on the above, you are agree that demand is correct.

(II)Demand is partially correct – Write the amount which is correct and amount which is not correct

(III)Disagree with demand – If you are disagree with the demands, select the reason from the above.

(i) Demand paid – Attach Challan
(ii) Demand reduced by rectification/revision – Attach order passed by Assessing officer
(iii) Demand reduced by Appellate order but appeal effect to be given –
(iv) Mention order number and Date
(v) Appeal has been filed
(vi)Rectification and revised return filed at the CPC – Challan,TDS certificate, Indemnity Bond
(vii) Rectification letter – Rectification filed with AO,Date of application
(viii) others

 Hope you have done this and get hassle free with the income tax demands, Pls write your comments if you face any problems.



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