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Due Date Chart for 2016-17

Today we are discussing on the Due dates of tax payments under various Laws Service tax, Maharashtra VAT and CST, Professional tax in Maharashtra, TDS and Advance tax payments –

Due date Chart of all taxation Direct and Indirect taxes in Maharashtra


  1. N.
Month Payment of Service Tax & Excise Duty  MVAT / CST Payment Profession Tax Payment TDS Advance Tax Payment
 Individual, LLP, Firm, Proprietorship  Any Other
1 April 5th May 21st May 31st May 7th May
2 May 5th Jun 21st Jun 30th Jun 7th Jun
3 June 5th Jul 5th Jul 21st Jul 31st Jul 7th Jul 15th Jun(Only for Company)
4 July 5th Aug 21st Aug 31st Aug 7th Aug
5 Aug 5th Sep 21st Sep 30th Sep 7th Sep
6 Sep 5th Oct 5th Oct 21st Oct / 31st Oct (For half yearly) 31st Oct 7th Oct 15th Sep
7 Oct 5th Nov 21st Nov 30th Nov 7th Nov
8 Nov 5th Dec 21st Dec 31st Dec 7th Dec
9 Dec 5th Jan 5th Jan 21st Jan 31st Jan 7th Jan 15th Dec
10 Jan 5th Feb 21st Feb 28th/29th Feb 7th Feb
11 Feb 5th Mar 21st Mar 31st Mar 7th Mar
12 Mar 31st Mar 31st Mar 21st April/30th Apr 31st Oct (For half yearly)(In case of non audit dealers – 30th Jun) 30th April 30th April 15th Mar

Note :-

1. In case of Online payments of Excise duty and Service tax Due date will be the 6th of Next month.
2.All assessee paying excise or service tax exceeding Rs. 1,00,000/- during the year have to pay the same electronically. Applicable wef 1.1.2014
3. Advance tax Payment date for other than company will be  15th of September , December & March
4. In VAT and CST Dealers can check the payment frequency on,
Enter the Tin Number or name here and check the Frequency of VAT Payments (Department can change the frequency every year so it is advisable to check the Frequency after every year to avoid penalty)

Tax calendar for 2016-17

In this below image we will give you the tax calendar and due date chart for all the applicable taxes in Maharashtra in single page.


Tax Calendar 2016-17

Due Date chart 2016-17


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