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Procedure for Central Excise registration for manufacturer

Today we discuss on Procedure for Central Excise registration for manufacturer, documents required for excise registration. Amendments made in central excise registration by the government in budget 2015.

Go to ACES.GOV.IN for filing the forms-

II After filing the forms physical submit the one  set of  documents at Range and one set of documents at Division of your jurisdiction and Keep one copy at your factory.

Documents required for central excise registration in anywhere in India-

1. Copy of Permanent Account number (PAN) allotted by income tax department

2. Copy of memorandum of association, article of association and certificate of incorporation

3. Copy of extract of Board Resolution executed in favor of authorised signatory or Directors in connection with making an application for Central Excise registration and executing required documents.

4. Copy of the registration certificate obtained under VAT and interstate sales tax (viz. Central Sales Tax Registration Number)

5. Copy of the Shop Act license / NOC from the Grampanchayat or from competent local authority

6. Copy of the Factory Registration certificate under factory Act

7. Audited Balance Sheet of last three years (not applicable In Case of assesses starting new business)

8. Statement of turnover for current financial year till date of registration.

9. Call upon the applicant or to his authorised agent having general “Power of Attorney (POA)”. The Range Officer shall have power to call the original documents to verify ‘power of attorney’. Such document shall not be retained by the Range Officer but be returned immediately after verification.

10. One Cancelled cheque along with the letter from the banker verifying account details.

11. Current Account statements of last 6 months of entity

12. A copy of the Ground plan of Factory

13. Flow chart showing exact process of manufacturing

14. Two address proof of HO, factory, and branches, each

1. In Case of let out property

a. Copy of valid registered rent agreement.

b. Copy Electricity Bill /Telephone bill / Property Tax assessment order or rent receipt of the owner. (Any Two) –  Date of  the document should not be older that 6 months

c. No Objection Certificate from the owner of the property as to registration under Central Excise Act.

2. In Case of owned property
a. Copy of valid registered purchase agreement.

b. Copy Electricity Bill /Telephone bill / Property Tax assessment order or rent receipt of the owner.
(Any Two) –  Date of   the document should not be older that 6 months

15. Proof of Identity and address proof of the all directors (Two documents for Address proof ie Passport and Driving License/ Telephone bill/ Ration card/ Voter Id Card & One for Identity Proof ie PAN card)

16. All other NOC’s & documents according to the nature of the business (format given below)

III After submitting all the documents Range officer will come at your factory for physical inspection.

IV  After that on-line Central Excise number starting with your PAN will be issued and password will be received on your mail ID, RC will be issued online.


Central excise registration after  Budget 2015

To ease the excise registration government has issued notification 07/2015. An assessee should apply online for  the excise registration and keep all the documents self attested as given above at the premises. Excise registration certificate will be issued with in 2 working days and department officer will visit the premises and verify the documents.

Key Changes in excise registration in Budget 2015

No Need to submit the documents at excise office.Department will visit the premises with in 7 days and verify the documents.

Registration certificate will be issued with in 2 days working days.

Electronic issued Registration certificate is a valid excise registration certificate, no need to take signed copy of RC from the department.


FORMATS OF NOC for Central Excise Registration.

                                             “NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE”

The Deputy/ Assistant Commissioner of Central Excise
Division __, Range -__
Subject :-No Objection Certificate for Registration under Central Excise
I ¬¬¬¬¬__________, legal owner of ______________, have given my shop to M/s ________________

I do not have any objection for the grant of Central Excise Registration to my tenant by the Central Excise Registration authority at the above address.

Thanking You,
Name of Landlord


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