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How to check the TDS Credit

Today we discuss on How to check the TDS Credit. To check the TDS person has to View Form 26AS . In this blog we are going to explain the procedure how to view Form 26AS i.e. Tax Deducted at source (TDS) & Tax Collected at Source credit statement. Most of people want to know how much TDS is deducted ... Read More »

Motivation Behind Success – Forget Fear

A man is the master of thought and maker of a character and the maker and shaper of condition, environment and destiny. You know why most people fail? It is not because of lack of education or other qualities related to education, but due to lack of target determination and due to lack of focus from what they want to ... Read More »

Frequently asked question on Debit Note and Credit Note

Today we are going to discuss to a simple but a confusing topic Debit Note & Credit Note. Most of people knows what is debit note & what is credit note but most of times they get confused while passing a journal entry relating to debit note & credit note. In this blog we will discuss the meaning of debit ... Read More »


Today we are going to discuss DUE DATE OF VAT PAYMENT AND RETURN IN MAHARASHTRA.  The due date is decided as per the periodicity of MVAT return. To know the periodicity of MVAT return Click on and enter your Tin Number. The Periodicity of MVAT return is divided into three parts: Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Due Date of Vat Payment ... Read More »

Guidance note on finalisation of books of accounts

Today we are going to discuss on finalisation of books of accounts. In this topic we will discuss the closing entry to be passed at the end of the year for finalisation of books of accounts. An assessee should passed the following entry depreciation on fixed assets, provision for the expenses, provision for taxation, entry for deferred tax , entry for ... Read More »

Optimism: The True Strategy For Success

Becoming successful is what everybody need. Though many follow their own strategies to get succeed and to taste the fruits of success, many fail at some stage due to lack of dedication and whatsoever may be the reason, they fail. You have to accept the fact that life will be filled with full of uncertainty and chaos if you don’t ... Read More »

How to apply VAT Refund in Maharashtra

Today we discuss on how to apply vat refund in Maharashtra, in this blog we will discuss the form used for application of refund in Maharashtra,Time limit for refund application in Maharashtra,Procedure for the application of vat refund application in Maharashtra. Is application for vat refund is necessary? As per recent circular of MVAT department (Maharashtra state budget 2013-14) VAT ... Read More »

How to file service tax return online

Today we will  discuss how to file service tax return online. every assesee has to file the service tax return on due date We are going to explain you the full procedure with the help of images & screen shots. We think it will be sufficient for you to file the service tax return online.Service tax return in the Form ST-3 ... Read More »

How to determine Capital gain tax on Share

Now we are going to discuss on Capital gain tax on Share. Normal Person doesn’t now under which head the profit from purchase & sale of shares are taxed. Which type of profit is exempt & which type of Profit is taxable. In this post we are making discussion on Purchase & sale of listed equity shares. We are discussing ... Read More »

Guidance note on bank Audit of OD and CC accounts

Today we discuss on the Audit of OD and CC accounts, OD stands for overdraft and CC stands for cash credit.Overdraft facility is given against hypothication of  debtor and CC facility against hypothication of  stock In the earlier blog we have discuss all type of advances .In this blog we will discuss the audit procedure to be followed for the  OD ... Read More »