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Due Date Chart for 2016-17

Today we are discussing on the Due dates of tax payments under various Laws Service tax, Maharashtra VAT and CST, Professional tax in Maharashtra, TDS and Advance tax payments – Due date Chart of all taxation Direct and Indirect taxes in Maharashtra   N. Month Payment of Service Tax & Excise Duty  MVAT / CST Payment Profession Tax Payment TDS ... Read More »


INTEREST UNDER SECTION 234 A FOR DEFAULT IN FURNISHING INCOME TAX RETURN Section 234A says that the interest should be leviable for the late or non furnishing of return of income on due date. According to this section where a return of income is filled after due date u/s.139(1)(4) / notice u/s.142  or a return of income is not filled, the assesse ... Read More »


Dear All Extension of the TDS due date payments( tax deducted at source/tax collected at source )during the month of September, 2014. – Please Note the CBDT has extended the Due date of Payment for the month of September, 2014 Due Date for the TDS Payments is 7th October 2014; CBDT has extended the Date to 10th October 2014 due ... Read More »

TDS Rate Charts FY 2013-14

Today we are discussing on TDS  Rate charts for FY 2013-14 (Tax deduction at Source), Limit after which TDS to be deducted and rate of TDS to be deducted. TDS RATE CHARTS FOR FINANCIAL YEAR 2013-14 Section For Payment of following services On Payments Exceeding Individual/HUF Company 193 Interest on Debentures Rs. 5000/- 10% 10% 194 Deemed Dividend No minimum 10% ... Read More »


Today we are discussing frequently asked question on TDS – Meaning of TDS, Applicability of TDS, Application for TAN, Due date for TDS Payments, Interest and Penalty for Non compliance of TDS. To Know the TDS Rates see our blog TDS Rate Chart. 1.What do you mean by TDS ? TDS Stands for Tax Deducted At Source. It is one ... Read More »


Today we are discussing the documents required for filing the income tax return, Due date for income tax return and how to e-file the Income Tax Return for individual. I.  Is it compulsory to filing income tax return- Employee earning upto Rs 5 lakhs in a year not required to file income tax return compulsory, but he can filed the ... Read More »


The recent Amendment in bringing  Time-Limit of 6 months for availing CENVAT CREDIT is now effective from September, 01, 2014. As per union budget 2015 time limit for cenvat credit has been increased to 1 year from 6 months.  (I)Time Limit for Availing the Cenvat Credit As per Service Tax Credit Rule time Limit for Availing the Cenvat Credit will ... Read More »

Professional Tax in Maharashtra

Today we are discussing on frequently asked question on  Professional tax Registration in Maharashtra like who will liable to register, Type of Professional tax registration, Documents required for professional tax registration, return frequency and cancellation of Professional tax Number Steps for Professional Tax Registration is as follow- I.  Meaning Of Professional Tax Any person working in Mumbai has to pay ... Read More »

Registration of Partnership Firm in Maharashtra

As we have discuss the various Forms of Business in India, In various Form of business one form is Partnership Firm Today we are discussing on registration of partnership firm in Maharashtra, documents required for registration of partnership firm in Maharashtra, how to form a partnership firm, how to make a partnership deed. I.DRAFTING/MAKING Of  PARTNERSHIP DEED First step to ... Read More »

Frequently asked question on Service Tax Return

Today we discuss Frequently asked question on Service Tax Return,  Every Assessee (Individual, Proprietor, Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership Company) registered under service tax whether voluntarily or compulsory has to file the service tax return on a half-yearly basis. In this blog we will discuss the Due date of service tax return, Procedure to fill the service tax return, penalty ... Read More »