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PTRC Registration in Maharashtra

Today we discuss on the PTRC Registration in Maharashtra. It is commonly known as PTRC.  Meaning of PTRC, person liable to deduct PTRC,how to apply for PTRC, Penalty for failure to apply for PTRC, Slab rate of PTRC in Maharashtra. Who is liable to apply for PTRC Registration in Maharashtra ? This certificate is to be obtain by every person who ... Read More »

Impact of Maharashtra Budget on TAX

Today we discuss Impact of Maharashtra Budget on TAX, what are the  important amendment by the Maharashtra government on state tax like LBT, VAT,CST,professional tax Maharashtra budget on LBT Tax – LBT stand for Local buddy tax,  In previous year there are lots of problem occurred to the dealer due to the LBT also LBT is levied only in some ... Read More »

Service Tax Amendment by union budget 2015

Today we discuss in details Service Tax Amendment by union budget 2015. what are the  impact of the service tax  amendment made in union budget 2015. In that we will discuss the change in  service tax rate by union budget 2015 and when it will be effective. in this blog we will also discuss changes made in the definition of ... Read More »

How to File Professional Tax Return in Maharashtra

Now we are going to discuss on how to file professional tax return in Maharashtra. As we already discussed in our earlier post there are two certificate required but return is filled only in respect of Professional Tax Registration Certificate and the Due date of PTRC Return. It is compulsory to file E-return for PTRC holders. For PTEC holder no ... Read More »

Tax planning in the month of March

Today we discuss on the TAX Planning in the month of March   In Indian accounting the financial period will be from 1st April   to 31st March . Books of accounts should be closed on 31st March that’s why March is considered as the year end period.  As you all know  ‘To save the money is ultimately make the ... Read More »

Form H and Form F in CST

Today we are going to discuss on Form H and Form F sales. Form H is used for the export sales and Form F is used for branch transfer. Form H is issued by the Export trader to the supplier of the goods and form F is issued by the Head office to the branch for transfer of raw material, ... Read More »

New Procedure to File the TDS retrun

Today we discuss on new procedure to file the tds return and fees for  filing of TDS and TCS return ( tax deducted at source or tax collected at source ) has been defined in Section 234e of income tax  act, 1961. What will be the fees if not filed in due date. New Procedure to File the TDS retrun – Change ... Read More »

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana – An tax saving option

New deduction under section 80C is added in budget 2015 Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana.  It is one of the most beneficial initiative scheme launched by the Central Government  by notification for the welfare of a Girl child. Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modhi has launched this scheme as a Small Saving Scheme as a part of Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao Initiative. At the time ... Read More »

Due Date And Interest Payment of Advance Tax

Today we are discuss on the due date and interest payment of Advance tax  by the assessee. meaning of advance tax, due date of advance tax,Interest and penalty of non payment of Advance tax. Meaning of Advance tax? There are various form of Income Tax  like TDS, Self assessment tax and Advance tax. Advance tax is a form of Income ... Read More »


Today is first full budget of NDA government. Today we are discussing on the benefits available of the budget to the middle man, industry etc. how that budget will help in Make in India programme of modi government.what are the changes made in Income tax , service tax and excise duty in Budget 2013. BUDGET 2015 ON INCOME TAX Income ... Read More »