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Defective Return in income tax

Today we will discuss on Defective Return in income tax. Reason of defective return and how to solve it. In last 2 year many return has been termed as defective return by the income tax department while we go through the reason of defective return we find it happens mainly for the return filling through the software. there are some ... Read More »

Latest News on Income declaration Scheme 2016

In this blog we will talk about very important and popular topics  Income declaration Scheme 2016 . IDS is basically amnesty scheme in the income tax by modi government. under this scheme assessee can disclosed all his undisclosed scheme to get the  relaxation from the department. IDS are a scheme of the modi government, in that an Assessee can disclose ... Read More »

How to E-verify the Income tax return

Now in this blog we will discuss on how to e-verify the income tax return, what are the option available to e-verify the income tax return. First login the . In registered user enter your pan number in user name and password. After that dashbord will appear on the screen click on the view return form. Check if any ITR Pending ... Read More »

Taxability of Future in income tax

Today we will discuss the taxability of future in income tax. In this blog we will discuss the taxability of  mark to market gain and actual gain the future transaction. Also the nature of the gain whether speculative or non speculative. Types of gain in Future In future there are two types of gain speculative and Actual gain. Actual gain – Future ... Read More »

Where to Invest First Saving

Today we will discuss on very important topics where to invest first savings.  In this blog we will tell you risk and return on various things. Type of Investments There are the various option available in the market for the investment like Life Insurance  – Life insurance is a life cover of your life. You can check all the option ... Read More »

Motivation Behind Success – Forget Fear

A man is the master of thought and maker of a character and the maker and shaper of condition, environment and destiny. You know why most people fail? It is not because of lack of education or other qualities related to education, but due to lack of target determination and due to lack of focus from what they want to ... Read More »

Optimism: The True Strategy For Success

Becoming successful is what everybody need. Though many follow their own strategies to get succeed and to taste the fruits of success, many fail at some stage due to lack of dedication and whatsoever may be the reason, they fail. You have to accept the fact that life will be filled with full of uncertainty and chaos if you don’t ... Read More »

Memorable Day In My Life

Whenever I start thinking about a memorable day in my life, I find many irrespective whether they made my day in terms of happiness or sadness. I remember them somehow in terms of many ways. A true memorable day is when we help others to get in their lives or we get helped to get on with our lives. Nevertheless, ... Read More »