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Extension of Due Date of Filling Income tax Return

Today we discuss on  Extension of Due Date of Filling Income tax Return. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on 10th June, 2015 by official notification extends the due date of filling return for financial year 2014-15 (Assessment Year 2015-16). As per notification the assesse which are required to file their Income tax return on or before 31st July, ... Read More »

All tax saving declaration to be submitted by the salary employee

Today we will discuss on the declaration to be submitted by the employee.  what are the documents need to be submitted and why to submit the documents. Why Declaration to be submitted by the salary employee? TO save the TDS employee need to submit the documents. Every company will deduct the TDS of the employee based on his net income. ... Read More »

ROC Compliance for a Company

Today we will discuss ROC Compliance for a Company, what are the compliance need to be done by the company. who will do the compliance and rate for the compliance. Various ROC Compliance For a Company – In this we will discuss the ROC compliance need to be done by the company regularly as on the due date on when any event occur. ... Read More »

Solution to Open a Current Accounts in a Bank

  Today we discuss on Solution to Open a Current Accounts in a Bank? Are you want to start a business and facing problem in getting the current account opening. “Bank ask for registration and resigration ask for bank accounts” We are trying to solve the bank account opening difficulty in this blog. Open a Current Accounts in a Bank for ... Read More »

Highseas transaction in vat

Today we are going to discuss on  a Highseas transaction in vat which is: Export High Seas and Export direct Import High Seas and Import direct These topics are very well known to the persons who have basic knowledge of VAT but the people who are unaware of VAT doesn’t know much about this. Highseas transaction in vat relating to Export ... Read More »

HUF – An tax saving option

Today we discuss on HUF – An tax saving option, HUF state for the Hindu undivided family, How to create the HUF, HUF creation date in the income tax, how to start the HUF, Income tax benefits of an HUF. Formation of HUF – Pls find below the formation of HUF as per Hindu law and income tax HUF creation ... Read More »

Increase in service tax rate from12.36% TO 14%

SERVICE TAX RATE INCREASED FROM 12.36% TO 14% EFFECTIVE FROM 01.06.2015. After the  President has make signature on the Finance Bill, 2015 on Thursday, May 14, 2015 as passed by the parliament in union budget 2015. , The Ministry of Finance Department of Revenue has issued a  Notification No. 14/2015- ST dated May 19, 2015 . this notification has notified ... Read More »

Accounting of Depreciation under companies Act, 2013

Today we are going to discuss depreciation under companies Act, 2013. There is an significant change made in companies act, 2013 as compare to Companies Act, 1956 in relation to Depreciation provision. The Provision of companies act, 2013 applicable from the 1st April, 2014. The new provision of depreciation in companies act, 2013 varies from the accounting standard 6 for ... Read More »

Company Compliance to be done before 31st march 2016

Today we will discuss all the Company Compliance to be done before 31st march 2015,  Applicability of Compliance in private and public limited company, what are the compliance to be done and the due date for various compliance. In this blog we will discuss the Public limited and Private limited  year end compliance Sr. No. Type of Companies Criteria of applicability Company ... Read More »