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Accounting of Construction Contracts

Today in this blog we will share the accounting of Construction Contracts, how the builders and developers will maintain their books of accounts, what are the Accounting standard applicable to the Builders and developers and also how the revenue will be recognised as per the AS. Different Transaction in Real Estate – there are two type of transaction first builder ... Read More »

Latest News on Income declaration Scheme 2016

In this blog we will talk about very important and popular topics  Income declaration Scheme 2016 . IDS is basically amnesty scheme in the income tax by modi government. under this scheme assessee can disclosed all his undisclosed scheme to get the  relaxation from the department. IDS are a scheme of the modi government, in that an Assessee can disclose ... Read More »

Equilasation levy (Google tax) in India

Today we will discuss the Equilasation levy (Google tax) in India, what is the meaning of google tax ,rate of google tax, its implication to the startup business. Meaning of Google tax Government of India has levied a equilasation levy which is popularly known as google tax. Equilasation levy will be levied at 6% for any payment made to outside ... Read More »

TCS on cash transaction

Today we discuss on TCS on cash transaction, Government of  India has widens the provision of TCS in order to stop cash transaction in market and also to control the black money to some extend. In this blog we will discuss on various question asked on the tax collected at source like applicability of TCS,Section of TCS, liability of TCS ... Read More »

Post incorporation Compliance of a Company

In the previous blog we have share how to form a company. In this blog we will share the Post incorporation Compliance of a Company, what are the compliance need to be done after forming a company. Post incorporation Compliance of a Company After formation of a company, The Company needs to comply following requirements immediately. It should maintain the necessary statutory ... Read More »

Lesser Known Type of insurance cover

Today we will discuss on various type of insurance cover. In this blog we will discuss on the various type of risk in the business and how different insurance cover will help you to cover all the risk.  every business shoul cover the risk as per their nature. To grow a business it is very necessary to mitigate the losses witrh ... Read More »

Where to Invest First Saving

Today we will discuss on very important topics where to invest first savings.  In this blog we will tell you risk and return on various things. Type of Investments There are the various option available in the market for the investment like Life Insurance  – Life insurance is a life cover of your life. You can check all the option ... Read More »

Amenity Scheme 2016 in MVAT

Today we will discuss on Amenity Scheme declared by the Maharashtra government. In this we will discuss the meaning of Amenity Scheme, who will be eligible to take the benefits ,benefits of the scheme, when we can file the application, applicable on which act of state government. Meaning of Amenity scheme Amenity scheme is declared by the government for the fast collection ... Read More »

4 type of donation for tax saving in income tax

Today we discuss on 4 type of donation for tax saving in income tax. what are the various kind of the donation a person can do and what will be the procedure for the donation. Various kind of Donation in income tax act 1961 (1) Donation under section 80G In this government notify certain certify certain educational, religious, relief welfare ... Read More »

Why Pan card is Mandatory- New Requirements

Today we discuss on the necessity of the Pan card on all transaction after 01st January 28, 2016.This are the most affected and general transaction added in the Rule which are not previously. Pan card is mandatory for doing investments,doing expenses and also for some KYC proof.  But after this new amendment pan card needed in purchase and sale bill ... Read More »