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Amenity Scheme 2016 in MVAT

Today we will discuss on Amenity Scheme declared by the Maharashtra government. In this we will discuss the meaning of Amenity Scheme, who will be eligible to take the benefits ,benefits of the scheme, when we can file the application, applicable on which act of state government. Meaning of Amenity scheme Amenity scheme is declared by the government for the fast collection ... Read More »

VAT and CST registration in mumbai – Latest Procedure

Today we will discuss on VAT and CST registration in Mumbai, what is the procedure for mvat registration and documents required for vat registration. Many people are saying Tin registration in Mumbai  After successfully completed the vat registration you will get the TIN number for the same. SAP based New  MVAT registration in Mumbai – New Procedure for online Vat registration in ... Read More »

Compulsory Vat registration in Mumbai

Today we will discuss the Compulsory vat registration in Mumbai. there are two option for the vat registration in mumbai one is Voluntarily and second one is Compulsory. Type of VAT registration in Mumbai – Voluntarily Vat registration-  As the name itself suggest Voluntarily means self.  If a person wants TIN number from first day he can apply for the Tin ... Read More »

Business Audit in MVAT

Today we will discuss on the business audit in mvat, what are the documents to submitted for the business audit in mvat. Meaning of Business Audit? Business audit is conducted by the goverment officer of the selected dealer on the basis of certain criteria. Documents required for Business Audit We have bifurcated the list of documents required in four category Vat ... Read More »

Filling of CST Return in Maharashtra

Today we discuss on Filling of CST Return in Maharashtra. steps and guidelines to file the CST Return in Maharashtra. First Step – Download the CST Form Visit and download the CST Form III E. Use Mozilla Firefox to download the form. Second Step – After download the form fill the Form is following step – In I row  – You ... Read More »

Instruction on filling of Annual E Return annexure in mvat

Today we discuss on the  filling of Annual E Return annexure in Mvat . Annual E Return annexure in mvat contains total Ten Sheets. Now we are going to discuss all the sheets one by one.  We have already discussed in our earlier post the concept of Annual E return Annexure, Difference between Annual E return Annexure & regular return Annexure ... Read More »

FAQ on Annual E-return annexure in MVAT

Today we are going to discuss Annual E-return annexure the  most trending & confusing topic of upcoming months  Now various question arise in our mind like what is Annual E-return annexure, where it is used, for what type of dealers it is used, contents of Annual E-return Annexure. After reading this post I hope you will be gained knowledge about ... Read More »


Today we are going to discuss DUE DATE OF VAT PAYMENT AND RETURN IN MAHARASHTRA.  The due date is decided as per the periodicity of MVAT return. To know the periodicity of MVAT return Click on and enter your Tin Number. The Periodicity of MVAT return is divided into three parts: Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Due Date of Vat Payment ... Read More »

How to apply VAT Refund in Maharashtra

Today we discuss on how to apply vat refund in Maharashtra, in this blog we will discuss the form used for application of refund in Maharashtra,Time limit for refund application in Maharashtra,Procedure for the application of vat refund application in Maharashtra. Is application for vat refund is necessary? As per recent circular of MVAT department (Maharashtra state budget 2013-14) VAT ... Read More »

Form H and Form F in CST

Today we are going to discuss on Form H and Form F sales. Form H is used for the export sales and Form F is used for branch transfer. Form H is issued by the Export trader to the supplier of the goods and form F is issued by the Head office to the branch for transfer of raw material, ... Read More »