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Professional Tax in India

Today we discuss on the Professional Tax in India, its meaning and state of India in which professional tax is applicable. Meaning of Professional Tax in India Professional Tax means the tax levied by state government on trade or business or profession or employment in the particular state. Professional Tax is a state government matter therefore it’s rates or method of ... Read More »

Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate in Maharashtra

Today we discuss Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate in Maharashtra it is commonly known as PTEC in Maharashtra. in this blog we will discuss who will liable to apply for PTEC, how to apply for PTEC, Due date of PTEC payments and any  PTEC return to be filed or not. Who is liable to apply for Professional Tax Enrollment Certificate in Maharashtra? This certificate ... Read More »

PTRC Registration in Maharashtra

Today we discuss on the PTRC Registration in Maharashtra. It is commonly known as PTRC.  Meaning of PTRC, person liable to deduct PTRC,how to apply for PTRC, Penalty for failure to apply for PTRC, Slab rate of PTRC in Maharashtra. Who is liable to apply for PTRC Registration in Maharashtra ? This certificate is to be obtain by every person who ... Read More »

How to File Professional Tax Return in Maharashtra

Now we are going to discuss on how to file professional tax return in Maharashtra. As we already discussed in our earlier post there are two certificate required but return is filled only in respect of Professional Tax Registration Certificate and the Due date of PTRC Return. It is compulsory to file E-return for PTRC holders. For PTEC holder no ... Read More »

Professional Tax in Maharashtra

Today we are discussing on frequently asked question on  Professional tax Registration in Maharashtra like who will liable to register, Type of Professional tax registration, Documents required for professional tax registration, return frequency and cancellation of Professional tax Number Steps for Professional Tax Registration is as follow- I.  Meaning Of Professional Tax Any person working in Mumbai has to pay ... Read More »