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CT-1 Form for Export

Today we discuss on the CT-1 Form for Export, what are the documents required for the CT-1 , benefits for the CT-1 etc. Meaning of CT-1 CT-1 is used when goods are exported by the dealer. Dealer can give the CT-1 form to the Manufactorer to save the excise duty. Documents Requirement for CT -1 Bond in B1 on Rs 100 ... Read More »

Applicability of Swachh Bharat Cess on Service tax

Today we will discuss on Applicability of Swachh Bharat Cess on Service tax whether it will be applicable on negative list , reverse charge mechanism service etc. Also we will discuss on the payment procedure of Swachh Bharat Cess on Service tax Meaning of Swachh Bharat Cess (SBC)? It is a Cess which shall be levied and collected in accordance with the ... Read More »

Highseas transaction in vat

Today we are going to discuss on  a Highseas transaction in vat which is: Export High Seas and Export direct Import High Seas and Import direct These topics are very well known to the persons who have basic knowledge of VAT but the people who are unaware of VAT doesn’t know much about this. Highseas transaction in vat relating to Export ... Read More »

How to apply VAT Refund in Maharashtra

Today we discuss on how to apply vat refund in Maharashtra, in this blog we will discuss the form used for application of refund in Maharashtra,Time limit for refund application in Maharashtra,Procedure for the application of vat refund application in Maharashtra. Is application for vat refund is necessary? As per recent circular of MVAT department (Maharashtra state budget 2013-14) VAT ... Read More »

How to file service tax return online

Today we will  discuss how to file service tax return online. every assesee has to file the service tax return on due date We are going to explain you the full procedure with the help of images & screen shots. We think it will be sufficient for you to file the service tax return online.Service tax return in the Form ST-3 ... Read More »

Place of Provision of Service Rules 2014

Today we discuss on the Place of Provision of Service Rules 2014 It will determine at where and under which hands service will be taxable. It will decide service is taxable in the hands of service receiver or service provider, also place of provision of service tax rule will help to determine the particular service is an export of service or ... Read More »

Impact of Maharashtra Budget on TAX

Today we discuss Impact of Maharashtra Budget on TAX, what are the  important amendment by the Maharashtra government on state tax like LBT, VAT,CST,professional tax Maharashtra budget on LBT Tax – LBT stand for Local buddy tax,  In previous year there are lots of problem occurred to the dealer due to the LBT also LBT is levied only in some ... Read More »


After taking vat registration, you can make some changes in the vat registration certificate like Addition of Commodity, Addition of place of business, changes in place of business etc. today we are discussing on that how to make changes in VAT and CST certificates.  DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR AMENDMENT IN VAT AND CST REGISTRATION Documents required for Addition of place of business ... Read More »

Goods and Service tax in India

Today we will discuss on Most awaiting tax Goods and service tax in India. what are the advantage of GST, implication of GST , hurdles in GST etc. (I) What is the meaning of GST TAX? Today there are lots of Indirect taxes in India levied by state and central government like VAT,CST, Excise duty, service tax. GST tax will ... Read More »


Today we are discussing on the  correction  of vat payment Challan in Maharashtra.Many times it may happen we have paid the wrong details in the challan. In that article we are discussing on how to make the correction in vat payment challan. I have mentioned the incorrect year in the VAT Challan? If you have mentioned the incorrect year in ... Read More »