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Composite scheme in GST

Today we will discuss the composite scheme in the GST, In this we will discuss all the provision of composite scheme. what are the benefits of the composite  scheme. Also we will discuss the transitional provision in GST for composite  dealer. Who is eligible for the composite scheme ? Any dealer dealing in goods can opt for Composition scheme, note service sector can ... Read More »

Migration and Implementation of GST

Today we will discuss Migration and Implementation of GST. Things to be done before GST come in the effect. what are the task to be performed for the GST. GST Migration Inform your GSTIN / ARN/Provisional number  to all suppliers of Goods & Services. Obtain GSTIN / ARN/Provisional number of all Suppliers & Buyers. Apply for migration in all states ... Read More »

Treatment of Duty on Closing stock in GST

Today we will discuss the very important topics Treatment of Duty on Closing stock in GST for the implementation of GST. In this blog we will discuss can a unregistered dealer in excise and vat can get the credit of closing stock in hands also how much GST credit unregistered person can get. Also we will discuss on  confusion  whether to ... Read More »

Credit Structure in GST

Today we will discuss the credit structure in GST. what are the taxes in the GST and how the credit will be available? Also in this blog, we will discuss how current tax credit lying in stock can be taken in the GST. Credit Structure in GST There will be three tax in GST –  CGST, IGST and SGST Credit of ... Read More »

GST Registration in Mumbai

Today we will discuss the GST Registration in Mumbai, Indian Government has come with the new law GST. In this Blog,  we will discuss the threshold limit of GST, who will require to registered in GST. Who will Required registration in GST? 1 Person making Interstate Supply (Sale of goods or providing service from one state to another state) 2 Casual taxable ... Read More »

What to charge in bill CGST, SGST, or IGST

Today we will discuss What to charge in bill CGST, SGST, or IGST. It is important to identify the time and place to check whether CGST/SGST or IGST will be levied on the bill also it is important to check to whom the bill will be issued. There are three taxes in the GST – CGST, SGST, and IGST Interstate – ... Read More »

Solution For Old Rs1000 and Rs500 Rupee notes

Just declared by the modi government that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 note will be banned from today midnight. It can be used only in bank railway and hospital the news is like earth Quake in indian economy. Why Ban on Rs500 and Rs1000 note. Government has taken such decision to reduce the black money in the country with an ... Read More »

Company Formation in Mumbai

Today we discuss on the Company formation in Mumbai, step by step procedure to form a company in Mumbai. Details and Documents required to form a company Procedure for registering a Private Limited Company in Mumbai:- First Step – Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) – Apply for a Digital Signature Certificate authorized DSC issuing authority Second Step – Obtain Director Identification No. (DIN) ... Read More »

Various Forms in CST

Today we discuss on the various forms used in CST, what are the forms used in CST like C,F, E etc. how it will help in transaction of the goods. Meaning of C-Forms C-form is helpful in purchasing of interstate goods, A buyer can purchase the goods from out of the state using C-form @ 2 percent. The rate of ... Read More »

VAT and CST registration in mumbai – Latest Procedure

Today we will discuss on VAT and CST registration in Mumbai, what is the procedure for mvat registration and documents required for vat registration. Many people are saying Tin registration in Mumbai  After successfully completed the vat registration you will get the TIN number for the same. SAP based New  MVAT registration in Mumbai – New Procedure for online Vat registration in ... Read More »