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How to use DSC in Income tax website -latest procedure

Today we will discuss how to use the digital signature in income tax website. In this blog we will solve the problem of uploading the DSC in income tax website. there is frequent changes happen in DSC utility and their use in the income tax website. In this blog we will discuss the latest step to upload the Income tax return using DSC file.

How to register DSC on Income tax website –

To register the DSC in income tax website first download the DSC Utility register and generate the signature file and upload that in income tax website. Given below the details of step by step method for registration of DSC –

First Step – Download the DSC Utility Register –

(A) Login to the income tax website ,

(B) After login click on the Profile tab>Register DSC

(C) Download the DSC Utility – esmart card token window will appear on the screen , cancel it many times than DSC utility window will appear on the screen images given below –

DSC Utility

DSC Utility

(D) In this DSC utility window enter the e-filing user id (Pan card of the assesses) press tab button and mention pan card of the dsc holding person

(E) After that click on generate signature file.

Second step – Register the signature file in income tax website

Now attach the signature file (generated in step 1) in the Profile section>register DSC as image given below –




How to upload Income tax return Using DSC

First step – Generate the XML file in the DSC utility.

After Registration done of the DSC, Generate the XML file of the DSC

Upload the XML file in the DSC Utility register

Upload ITR

Generate Signature File

Click on the generate signature File

After successfully generating the signature file of xml Go to the  income tax website

Second step –  Upload the XML file and Signature file in the income  tax web site

click on E-file>upload return

mention the Pan number, Form name and A.Y

Attach the Income tax XML File as explain in image given below

Attach the signature file as generated above in first step

upload ITR

upload ITR



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