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Company Formation in Mumbai

Today we discuss on the Company formation in Mumbai, step by step procedure to form a company in Mumbai. Details and Documents required to form a company

Procedure for registering a Private Limited Company in Mumbai:-

First Step – Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) – Apply for a Digital Signature Certificate authorized DSC issuing authority

Second Step – Obtain Director Identification No. (DIN) – Make Application in Form DIR-3  [Rule 9 of Chapter XI Rules]

Third step – Register DSC in the name of Director on MCA portal

Fourth step – Apply for Reservation of Name – Apply in Form No. INC.1 [Rule 9]. The same shall be reserved for a period of 60 days

Fifth step – Adoption of Memorandum of Association  – MOA shall be in respective form as prescribed in Table A, B, C, D and E of Schedule I as may be applicable

Sixth step – Adoption of Articles of Association -AOA shall be in respective form as prescribed in Table F, G, H, I and J of Schedule I as may be applicable

Seventh step -Incorporation

File with ROC Form No. INC.7 [Rule 12 to 18] with the following documents –

(a)   The Memorandum and Articles of the company duly signed by all subscribers;

(b)   A declaration in Form No.INC.8 by an advocate or Practicing professional (CA, CS, CA) who is engaged in incorporation, and a person named in director as Director, Manager or Secretary, that all requirements related to incorporation has been complied with;

(c)   An affidavit in Form No. INC.9 from each subscriber and from each person named as first director in the articles

Eighth step -Commencement of business – Director should file Declaration with ROC in Form No. INC.21 [Rule 24]

Ninth Step – Registered Office  – A company shall have a registered office within 15 days of Incorporation and it shall file Form No.INC.22 [Rule 25] to verify the same


Details and Documents required for incorporation of a company –

S.No. Requirement
 1 Name of The Directors of The Company
 2 Address of The Registered Office of The Company
 3 Name of The Proposed Share Holders of The Company
 4 At Least 4 Name of The Company In The Order of Its Priority
 5 Main Object of The Company
 6 Copy of Residence Proof of All The Shareholders And Directors (Any one of below)


·         Bank Statement,

·         Electricity Bill,

·         Telephone / Mobile Bill:

shall not be more than two months old

 7 Copy of PAN Card Xerox of All The Shareholders And Directors
 8 If the subscriber is already a director or promoter of a company(s), the particulars relating to-

(i) Name of the company;

(ii) Corporate Identity Number;

 9 Any one of the following documents

·         Voter’s identity card

·         Passport copy

·         Driving License copy

·         Aadhar Card

 10 Email Address of Any One Director
 11 Authorised And Paid Up Capital of Proposed Company
12. 4 Colored Photograph of all directors
13. Shareholding Patterns
14. NoC for Place of Business and Registered Office Address Proof (Electric Bill, Telephone Bill, Gas Bill, Mobile Bill) Not Older Than 2 Month
15. Particular Of Interest Of Directors In Other Entities
16. DSC of Directors

Fees for the Company Formation in Mumbai

Our Fees for the company formation is 14,500 including pan card and ROC fees for 2 directors with share capital Rs 1 laks. In this we will provide the following things –

1 DIN of 2 directors

2 DSC of 2 directors

3 MOA and AOA

4 Certificate of incorporation

5 Pan card of company


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  1. Very well and descriptive information on company formation in Mumbai. I have done the company formation with the help of above description. thanks

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