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Post incorporation Compliance of a Company

In the previous blog we have share how to form a company. In this blog we will share the Post incorporation Compliance of a Company, what are the compliance need to be done after forming a company.

Post incorporation Compliance of a Company

After formation of a company, The Company needs to comply following requirements immediately. It should maintain the necessary statutory records and apply for the necessary registration required after incorporation.

Statutory records to be maintained by company –

  1. Share certificate book
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Associations
  3. ROC File
  4. Statutory Register
  5. Minutes Binder
  6. Minutes Paper
  7. Common seal

Formalities procedures to be followed post incorporation

  1. Pan card number
  1. Professional tax number and also other registration number as necessary under other acts, you can check here what registraion required to your business
  1. Opening of bank account
  1. Deposit of subscription money in the bank account immediately after incorporation
  1. Obtaining of certificate for commence of business after filing form INC 21 with ROC otherwise the Company may be closed anytime by ROC
  1. Allotment of shares as subscribed
  1. Issue of share certificates under signature of 2 directors and 1 authorized signatory and common seal of the company after paying 0.1% stamp duty on share certificates
  1. Appointment of auditor within 30 days of incorporation and intimation to auditor within 7 days of appointment
  1. Filing of intimation of auditor with ROC within 30 days of Appointment in Board meeting.
  1. In the first meeting of board in all financial year from 1/4/2014 the directors will give disclosure of interest in form MBP 1 and resolution will be filed in 30 days of the Board resolution in MGT 14
  1. Within 30 days of the board meeting of consideration of accounts the resolution for approval of accounts and board report shall be filed in MGT 14
  1. Other formalities shall be advised on specific queries from your side and timely updation shall follows to you



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