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Annual Return MGT-7 as per company act 2013

Today we will discuss on the Annual Return MGT-7 as per company act 2013 what are the documents required for MGT-7. where to obtained the Form for MGT-7 and time limit for filing the MGT-7 as per company act 2013.


SR NO. Required Information
1 Date of AGM
2 Contact details including phone no. email ID and website if any
3 Name and Description of main products / services
4 Particulars Of Holding, Subsidiary And Associate Companies
5 Changes in share capital (if any)
6 Details of stock split / consolidation during the year
7 Detail of securities premium account
8 Turnover and net worth of the company
9 I  Indebtedness of the Company including interest outstanding/accrued but not due  for payment.
10 Meetings Of Members/Class Of Members/Board/Committees Of The Board Of Directors and detail of attendance by Directors for each director for all board and member meetings
11 Remuneration Of Directors And Key Managerial Personnel and Remuneration to other directors (Including Gross salary, Perquisite and Profits in lieu of salary)
12 Details regarding Closure of Register of  Members/Debenture Holders/other security holders
13 Details of Declaration of Dividend
14 Delisting of Shares / Securities, if any
15 Change in Nominal Value of Shares
16 Particulars of inter- corporate loans, investments, etc
17 Contracts or arrangements in which directors are interested / related party transactions
18 Amount spent by the company during the financial year in pursuance of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy
19 Detail of all forms filed during the year with challan number
20 Limit approved for loan / investment by board / members
21 Limit approved for borrowing with detail

Forms for  Annual return

MGT – 7 is the specified form for filing the annual return You can click here to view MGT-7 Form

Time limit of MGT-7

MGT-7 to filed with in 60 days from the date of Annual general meeting to the Registrar of company (ROC). It has been filed for an financial year from 1st April 2014 to 31  march 2015.


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