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Solution to Open a Current Accounts in a Bank


Today we discuss on Solution to Open a Current Accounts in a Bank? Are you want to start a business and facing problem in getting the current account opening.

“Bank ask for registration and resigration ask for bank accounts”

We are trying to solve the bank account opening difficulty in this blog.

Open a Current Accounts in a Bank for Sole Proprietorship

Type of business registration license for Sole Proprietorship


This is issued by the local municipality. This is very easy to take the Gumastha registration but the hurdles in that are it is not issued if you are doing work from the home.

Professional tax registration in Maharashtra –

In Maharashtra Professional tax number is compulsory if any person is doing business in Maharashtra. This Registration certificate you can get by giving the saving bank account details. Current account details are not necessary for getting that registration.

Service tax registration –

Service tax registration is compulsory if your registration limit exceeds Rs 9 lakhs and voluntarily you can take from the starting of the business.

For getting the Service tax registration need cancelled cheque of the current bank accounts. But for filing the forms service tax number not necessary.

Tricks to open bank accounts by service tax registration

You can apply for the service tax registration online and you will get the Service tax registration certificate in 2 days.  After getting the service tax registration certificate apply for the bank account opening. After opening the bank accounts submit the cancelled cheque to the service tax.

Vat registration

For getting vat registration it is compulsory to have an bank accounts, so open bank account by getting PT number after that apply for vat registration.

Income tax Return

If you are doing the business from some time you can shown the income tax return of business in ITR 4 . all banks are not accepting the IT return but some of the banks are accepting like Ratnakar bank , IDBI bank etc.

Open a Current Accounts in a Bank for Partnership Firm

For opening of partnership firm need Pan card and Copy of partnership deed.

Need Pan Card of firm with letter  

Bank will need the Pan card copy and letter from income tax department received with pan card.  letter is considered as address proof.

Copy of partnership deed

Need Copy of partnership deed duly notarized. Registration of deed is not necessary for opening a bank accounts.

Open a Current Accounts in a Bank for Company

For opening of Company accounts  need Pan card and Certificate of incorporation and Board resolution.

Need Pan Card of company with letter  

Bank will need the Pan card copy and letter from income tax department received with pan card.  letter is considered as address proof.

Copy of Certificate of incorporation

Need Copy of Certificate of incorporation.

Board Resolution

Need board resolution to open an accounts. It will contain the Authority to the director for withdrawing the payments etc.


From this blog we are trying to solve the hurdles  faced by common man in accounts opening. When man goes to the bank bank will ask for the business registration and when man goes for the registration they will ask for the bank


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  1. pankaj kachhawah

    How many times I have to go sales tax office as you said 1st I shall registered for pt and then open current ac and then again for vat reg. Dont you think this is time consuming.

    • Now in mvat both vat and pt are online, so we need not to visit the vat office. Yes this is time consuming process but there is no other way as vat need a cancelled cheque and for open a bank accounts need a business registration certificate.

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