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Instruction on filling of Annual E Return annexure in mvat

Today we discuss on the  filling of Annual E Return annexure in Mvat . Annual E Return annexure in mvat contains total Ten Sheets. Now we are going to discuss all the sheets one by one.  We have already discussed in our earlier post the concept of Annual E return Annexure, Difference between Annual E return Annexure & regular return Annexure & reason by annual e Return Annexure used.

Download Annual E-return annexure in Mvat

The latest version of annual E Return annexure is 2.0 which is available at mvat site or you can copy & paste this link to download annual e return annexure form

First download the form. In this form there are 10 sheets.

Steps to fill the  Annual E-return annexure in Mvat

(1) First sheet is error sheet. When you full fill the form then click on validate sheet , if there are error in this sheet then these errors are shown in this sheet with sheet no.,  line no. & error type.

(2)Second sheet is Instruction sheet. This sheet shows us the instruction regarding filling of Form Annual E Return Annexure .

(3) Now come to third sheet. In this sheet you have to fill Basic Details. In this sheet you saw that in this form J1 & J2 only for Financial year 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 but you can fill this form for financial year 2014-15 also. Most of time if you enter details in Period from & Period to Column then it will show error like this form is only for FY 2011-12, 2012-13 & 2013-14 only. To remove this error you have leave the Column Period from & Period to blank. No need to fill this column for financial year 2014-15.

In this sheet first you have fill the Tin No. in Tin no. column.  After that select the Financial Year 2014-15 from drop down menu. Select Yes or No in respect of whether first return & whether last return.  Select type of e return annexure original or revised. Select the option yes for each sheet applicability if the sheet is applicable then select Yes otherwise select No. The sheets are Annexure J1, Annexure J2, Annexure-C, Annexure-D, Annexure-G, Annexure-H & Annexure-I.

(4 and 5)Now comes to fourth & fifth sheet Annexure J1 & Annexure J2. No need to fill this sheet because you have already fill the details of J1 & J2 in regular return annexure.To reduce the duplicity of work it is allowed by mvatdept to leave the J1 & J2 left blank.

(6) The sixth sheet is Annexure-C which relates to Tax deducted at source certificates received during the financial year relating to Purchase Made. If you purchase some items from other person & the other person while making payment deducted TDS on it. The other person will issued TDS certificate the details of this TDS certificate is to be entered here.

(7) The seventh sheet is Annexure-D which relates to Tax deducted at source certificates issued during the financial year relating to Sales Made. If you sale some items to other person & while making payment you are liable to deduct TDS on it. You have to issue TDS certificate to the other person & details relating to this certificate is to be mentioned here.

(8,9 and 10) The Annexure G, H & I are the Eight, Ninth & tenth sheet of this form. This annexure are similar to the Annexure G, H & I as given in VAT audit Report Form 704. We have already explained the same in our earlier post. Provide link here.

After filling the form Click on Validate option on third sheet if it stills shows errors which you are unable to solve then mail your queries at following in the mail – • Form filled by you. • Screen shot of error. In this mail kindlymention Your Contact Numbers in the mail, so that,helpDesk of MVAT DEPT. can contact you, for any further clarification



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