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How to reset password in Central Excise

Today we discuss on the password reset of Central Excise, if a user after getting Dealer/Manufacturer/Importer excise registration lost the user id and password than how to recover it. In this blog we will discuss on all the methods to reset the blog

 Different methods to reset password in Central Excise –

Find below the various method for central excise an assessee can opt for any option as per his suitability and information available. If he is login for the first time opt for the first method  If he know secret question than opt for second method. If he has lack of information than third option is good for him.

First method for reset password in Central Excise 

This is first and simple steps to get the password. Check the mail id mention on the excise application. Open that mail and search any mail received from the In that mail both Username and password will be mention. Check that username and password on Aceswebsite.

If you have reset the password already than this password will not work but username will be the same. If unable to reset the excise password than opt for method 2 or method 3

Second method reset password in Central Excise 

If you have found the mail from the than visit the the  and mention the userid and click on forgot password buttons.

Select a question that has been selected at the time of registration of central excise application and mention the answer on that application. After giving right answer to secret question a new window  will appear on the screen set the new password on that window and save for the  future referance.

If you have forgot the secret question answer than opt for the third option –

Third method reset password in Central Excise 

If you have forgot the mail id given in ST-1 or hint question answer or both of this than make an application to the central excise department for re-issue of the central excise password in the desired email-id. Application will contain the central excise code, Division and Range etc.

How to get the Central excise Code 

Central excise code will be starting from your Pan number and end with EI001 for importer or ED001. If applied twice than it will be EI002 or ED002

How to get the Range/Division and Commissionerate 

Visit the  Easiest payment website and write the central excise code after that press the  tab buttons. it will give you all the information required for filling the central excise application. or visit the website and click on know your location to find the Range/Division and Commissionerate address.


 Annexure A

Format of Declaration Application to be submitted for reset of central excise password




The Assistant/Deputy Commissioner of Central Excise,

Range –

Commissionerate –


Subject: Forget user ID and password of Excise number – ______________in name of ___________________


Dear Sir/Madam,


We have forgotten user ID and password of our Excise number, details of which is as below:


  • Name of Dealer:


  • Address:


  • Central Excise number –


  • PAN No:


  • Email id:


  • Mobile No:


So we request you to please reset the user id and password and intimate us over email


I, ___________Proprietor hereby declare that I am duly authorized by ___________to sign this declaration and the contents of this declaration are true and correct.

For ____________



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