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Memorable Day In My Life

Whenever I start thinking about a memorable day in my life, I find many irrespective whether they made my day in terms of happiness or sadness. I remember them somehow in terms of many ways. A true memorable day is when we help others to get in their lives or we get helped to get on with our lives. Nevertheless, there is a great relief in helping others with our hands when they are in troubles or facing tough times in their lives. It is not easy for anyone to survive the hard times. The tough times are common for anyone and they have to face them whatsoever. I too have faced many such challenges and thankfully I have got the support of my friends to raise myself in the life and move on with challenges.


It really sucks when we don’t have anyone to help when we are in tough times and it doesn’t matter who helped us. Mostly people will expect something from us before moving on to help us. The article is heading toward about help. Let me tell you how did I make one of my days memorable. I was passionate about engineering before and never thought I would get into the field of digital media exactly where I’m now. However, when I tried for something my hand here, I started my search as a content writer and searched for some people who can give me some work to help me. That’s how I started my journey as a writer started with the help of a person in the social media site. The guy whom I approached was in search for a content writer, exactly what I have. Interestingly, we got to work on a similar project and decided to move on. So, in my view, this is my memorable day in my life. When I started the journey, I have never thought I would travel together, that I’d meet awesome people to make my journey memorable. The journey was really amazing as a blogger. Blogging came in between when I started content writing as the main thing that I was doing. Then I started to work on my own projects and moved on with confidence doubled. Once you get a proper support from the right person, even a small push up will do a great effort in making your life a step ahead.

You don’t have to wait for a memorable day. You can make them come true by working hard on what you love to do and what you would like to pursue. When you do the work you love with passion, every day is memorable.


I am passionate about my work , What ever it be . Life has its own way to express , stay positive and keep going . Life doesn't go the way you want, " Learn to adapt and modify". My mantra to be happy in life " Life has always been uncertain why worry ...forget the past , live your present focus it

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