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Today we discuss on FILING OF J_1 & J_2 IN MVAT RETURN & AUDIT .For Monthly, Quarterly & Annual MVAT Return,  Regular return Annexure is also uploaded before uploading of Form 231, 233 for MVAT Return.

Now we are going to discuss on how to fill the J 1 & J2 Annexure because both are uploaded in MVAT return & MVAT Audit.

J 1 & J 2 in MVAT Return

In MVAT Return filing, Regular return Annexure is also uploaded. Annexure J_1 & J_2 is a part of Regular return Annexure. J_1 Annexure represents a Sales Annexure & J_2 Annexure represents a Purchase Annexure. First we to Select whether Sales & Purchase Annexure is Applicable or not at the Home page of Regular Return annexure. Without selecting the option the MVAT return can’t be Uploaded.

After Selecting the Option, You have to take care of Following things while filing J_1 & J_2 annexure.

  1. First You have to select YES or NO option in Applicable Section at the top right side of the Sales & Purchase Annexure.
  2. It Contains Five Columns i.e. Sr. No., TIN of Customer, Net Taxable Amount, VAT Amount & Gross total. First & Last Column is automatically filled.
  3. It contains only Local Taxable sales.
  4. You have to fill only those details of Customer to whom you sales the Taxable Goods.
  5. The Customer Which do not hold TIN No. then details relating to such customer are to be fill in Local sales to non Tin Holder row at the end of Annexure.
  6. Suppose a customer come from outside state & purchase goods from you then details relating to such customer are also entered in Local sales to Non Tin holder.
  7. In this Annexure you have to enter Net Amount of Sales & Purchase (Gross-Return).
  8. This Sheet doesn’t accept Negative value. Therefore a customer which purchase goods from you in previous year & now he returns the goods then you have to ignore this return in filing this Annexure.
  9. The Local sales where tax is not collected separately then a detail relating to such is entered at the last of the Annexure in Gross local sales where tax is not collected separately row.
  10. The Gross total should match with the Taxable total in Form 231,233 etc.
  11. Care should be taken that the Customer TIN no. should be correctly entered.
  12. A Single TIN No. should be entered once. It can’t be entered twice. If a TIN no. is entered more than once than it can’t be uploaded it will generate an error while validating the Regular return annexure.
  13. The Sales & Purchase Annexure Contains 5003 rows from which 5001-5003 are specific rows.
  14. If there are more than 5000 entries then first fill up the 4999 rows then remaining entries should be fill up in the 5000th

J 1 & J 2 in MVAT Audit (Form 704)

The Instruction in filing J1 & J2 in MVAT Audit  remains same as in MVAT return as above but the difference is that in MVAT Audit the amount is to be compulsory entered in descending order while in MVAT return there is no such Compulsion.

In MVAT Audit, there is no option of selection whether applicable or not in J_1 & J_2 Annexure but this option is available in Part 2 of the MVAT Audit form-704.


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