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Today we will discuss the GST on export of goods. how it is levied at the time of sale and how we can claim the refund of input tax credit. Also procedure to take input tax credit for sale of goods on local and exports both. Taxation at the time of Export Sale There are two methods an exporter can ... Read More »

How to Respond 148 Notice

Today we will discuss topic Notice under section 148 will be issued by the department if the Assessee  has not filed the Return or file the return with income escaping. Brief on Section 148 Income Es capping assessment If the AO has reason to believe that any income chargeable to tax has escaped assessments, he may assess or reassess such ... Read More »

Refund of Security Deposit in Mvat

Rule for the Grant of Refund of Security Deposits.-            (1) A person or dealer who has obtained the voluntary registration may make an application to the registering authority for refund of the amount of Rs. 25,000/- of security deposit.          (2)  The application for the refund may be made,-                (a) If party is cancelled the certificate – where the registration certificate is ... Read More »

Export without payment of duty in GST

Today in this blog we will discuss the latest confusing topic how to do Export without payment of duty in GST. what are the procedure to be followed for the export of goods and services. There are the two option for the export without payment of duty – Letter of undertaking in GST- An person can opt for the LUT ... Read More »

Composite scheme in GST

Today we will discuss the composite scheme in the GST, In this we will discuss all the provision of composite scheme. what are the benefits of the composite  scheme. Also we will discuss the transitional provision in GST for composite  dealer. Who is eligible for the composite scheme ? Any dealer dealing in goods can opt for Composition scheme, note service sector can ... Read More »

GST in Textile sector

Today we will discuss the implication of GST in Textile sector. what are benefits of the GST and what are the unadvantage of the GST. things to be checked for the implementation of the  GST in textile sectors. Implementation of GST in textile sector Manufacturing unit – Manufacturing unit can get the benefits of closing stock in hands. he can ... Read More »

Migration and Implementation of GST

Today we will discuss Migration and Implementation of GST. Things to be done before GST come in the effect. what are the task to be performed for the GST. GST Migration Inform your GSTIN / ARN/Provisional number  to all suppliers of Goods & Services. Obtain GSTIN / ARN/Provisional number of all Suppliers & Buyers. Apply for migration in all states ... Read More »

Treatment of Duty on Closing stock in GST

Today we will discuss the very important topics Treatment of Duty on Closing stock in GST for the implementation of GST. In this blog we will discuss can a unregistered dealer in excise and vat can get the credit of closing stock in hands also how much GST credit unregistered person can get. Also we will discuss on  confusion  whether to ... Read More »

RERA in Real Estate Sector

Today we will discuss very hot topics RERA in Real Estate Sector. RERA means Real estate regulation Act.In this blog we will discuss on who will be required to the RERA registration, Procedure for the RERA Registration advantage of RERA to the investor and builder and Disadvantage of  RERA to the investor and builder and Documents required for the RERA ... Read More »

Defective Return in income tax

Today we will discuss on Defective Return in income tax. Reason of defective return and how to solve it. In last 2 year many return has been termed as defective return by the income tax department while we go through the reason of defective return we find it happens mainly for the return filling through the software. there are some ... Read More »